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From P&H:

The Ultimate Lightweight, Highly Versatile Day/Weekend Sea Kayak

The Volan is built specifically for those who want to make the most of day and weekend trips; tracking straight when flat, but swinging round effortlessly when on edge or carving into a turn, the Volan has comfortable performance for both the journey and any play spots you find on the way. The short, 16' length provides ample hull speed for most adventures, and helps keep weight to an absolute minimum for nimble performance and easy handling.

Key Features

  • Bow volume and rocker offers a dry ride through a variety of conditions and intentions.
  • Deck peak at bow shaped to shed water effi ciently, preventing purling.
  • Large Bow & Stern Hatches, plus a Day Hatch and optional Bow Mini Hatch.
  • Carefully planned bow deck geometry provides stiff ness and strength for deep water rescues.
  • A low, ergonomically shaped rear deck allows easy rolling and re-entry, with a paddle shaft recess for bracing during entry.
  • Full Deck Lines & Elastics for versatile storage and rescue options.



  • Length - 489cm / 16'
  • Width - 58cm / 23"
  • Volume - 360l / 95gal
  • Spraydeck size - Small


  • Performance Kevlar / Diolen - 24kg / 53lb
  • Expedition Diolen - 26.5kg / 58.5lb
  • Lightweight Kevlar / Carbon Infusion - 19kg / 42lb
  • Expedition Kevlar / Carbon Infusion - 23kg / 51lb
  • Max Paddler Weight - 120kg / 265lb

Features & Options

  • Hatches - Bow, Stern, Day, Mini (optional)
  • Control - Skeg, Rudder (optional)
  • Fully Customisable - Visit the P&H Customiser for a full breakdown of available colours and options.


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By Philip Clegg

Approaching two decades of working in the sea kayaking industry, Phil can be found on a daily basis coaching and paddling on the coastline of Anglesey. That’s when he’s not travelling the world expeditioning, coaching and testing kit.