Mathew from P&H talks us through the benefits of the Composite Virgo over the PE version:



Hi I'm Matthew and I'm here at the P&H workshop and we're going to take a look at the composite version of our bestselling sea kayak over the last two years, the Virgo.

So this is the composite Virgo. You may already know the plastic Virgo, or you may have just heard the reputation it's built up over the last few years. The composite version is not only lighter weight, it's also got a stiffer hull and both of those mean that the performance on the water is much better and crucially you can save up to 10 kg of weight between the plastic version and say an ultra light version of the composite Virgo. So it's going to be way easier to lift onto a car and lift off and get onto the water, and then also easy to manoeuvre around on the water as well and if you want to get in some Surf and throw it around a little bit it's going to be so much easier to have so much more fun in that sort of boat.

The composite Virgo is a true sibling to the plastic Virgo and shows many of the same design features. It's around about 14ft in length. It's got a nice straight keel and very slender stern so the tracking is excellent. It's got a nice flat midsection with sharp rails so you can nice and easily carve around on a wave and the manoeuvrability is fantastic being that shorter length as well. 

If you choose our lightweight Expedition or Ultra light constructions you can choose absolutely any colour that you would like. You can match it to your car, your sofa, your house. Whatever you want to match and really create something truly unique. Or you can keep it nice and simple and choose our classic construction which just comes in one of three colours; red, yellow or blue. 

The composite Virgo comes in one size and if you're coming from a LV or MV plastic Virgo you'll notice that this also comes with a day hatch as standard. The composite Virgo of course comes with all the features you expect of a fully fledged sea kayak including full deck lines and bungees, a skeg and the world renowned comfort of our connect out fitting system.

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By Philip Clegg

With over two decades of working in the sea kayaking industry, Phil can be found on a daily basis coaching for Sea Kayaking Anglesey.  That's when he's not expeditioning, playing or putting kit to the test.