Sea Kayaking UK have just announced the imminent arrival of a new sea kayak model, the Romany Plus. The boat is essentially a modified Romany Classic, with the same hull as the original but with knee bumps and a one and a half centimeter longer cockpit.

This should give a wider knee position when sitting and provide a more positive grip with the legs, as well as allowing longer legged paddlers to fit into the boat. 

romany plus3

This is something that we have been asking for, for some time now, and it turns out we weren't the only ones. Although we love the Romany Classic, the deck shape gives a slightly flatter legged position when compared to some of the other boats in the SKUK range, such as the Romany Surf.

We find the wider and higher knee position gives a more positive grip for the legs which is helpful in rough water. Also the longer cockpit should help those with longer legs when getting in and out the boat. This can be particulary useful on rougher landings when a quick exit is essential, and with some self rescues.

We will try and get a model out on the water as soon as we can and let you know what we think.

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By Philip Clegg

With over two decades of working in the sea kayaking industry, Phil can be found on a daily basis coaching for Sea Kayaking Anglesey.  That's when he's not expeditioning, playing or putting kit to the test.